Real estate window display

Digital real estate window display

Real estate digital signage allows you to communicate more effectively with your customers looking for properties.

Our real estate agency window solution offer automation update ads and an advanced customization.

Reveal the full potential of your real estate window screen

We don't provide any type of cable suspended LED window backlit panel, backlit acrylic light box installation, printed poster backlit film paper or poster frame image holder. Why? Because the conclusion is clear: ads update takes too much time and custom possibilities remain limited.

Touchify supplies a real estate window display solution which is perfect to have attractive displays to communicate while standing out from the competition.

The advantages of Touchify window display



Define your criteria display and let's our smart playlists update the ads for you.



3 - Picto création


Look at the template gallery and custom options to create a window that feet to your image.

8 - Picto types daffichage


Use the digital signage features to communicate more widely through your windows.



Imagine innovative interactive experiences to extend the customer journey beyond the storefront.

Digitize the real estate window display with Touchify

The automation revolution


Save time with smart playlists

Here's THE solution to automatically update your window ads!

Thanks to smart playlists, you program the ads you want to display according to various criteria, for instance:

  • Property type: apartment, house...
  • Location: city, neighborhood...
  • Price range.
  • Rooms number.

Your window evolves dynamically without action on your part! At the end, a considerable time saving, a real revolution!

broadcast real estate automation

Custom real estate ads

Customize your ads


Take care of your brand

Create a real estate office’s window that feet with your brand thanks to the easily customizable templates gallery. Then, simply personalize the additional display options:

  • Optional elements (QR code, office logo...).
  • Gallery display mode.
  • Title format.
  • Pictograms related to the characteristics and equipment of the property.
  • Style of the elements of the showcase ad.

We can deliver a ready-to-use window display, including customization, set-up and training.

Take the data from the source


A connection with your real estate software

Our window display solution is compatible with the main real estate management software used by agencies.

Compatibility is also ensured with solutions from real estate networks and franchised agencies.

In total, there are more than 300 compatibles real estate software programs!

It is possible to display information from multiple data sources or separate real estate on a single screen.

Real estate data source

Real estate digital signage

Communicate more widely


Don't be restricted to the ads

Your screen can bring you much more than displaying ads and allow you to communicate more widely about your activity, fir instance:

  • Real estate agents presentation
  • Customer feedback or social wall
  • Service advertising

So many needs that you can easily cover so that your window attracts the eye of passers-by and makes you want to push the door of your agency.

Benefit from all the features of a digital signage software: multi-screen management, programming, display conditions...

Go further with interactivy


An integrated design studio

Go further than a simple window display and imagined other devices within your agency.

Access to our creative studio is included in our offer, enabling you to imagine out-of-the-ordinary interactive experiences that will set you apart from the rest of your prospects.

Welcome screen, interactive terminal, virtual tours, sales support tablet... Many applications are possible!

Real estate interactivity

Vitrine immo 1.3

A ready-to-use showcase screen


A packaged offer

In collaboration with our network of audiovisual integrators, we provide a complete offer allowing simple and fast implementation.

For instance, we can provide display totem, including a display screen in 46" or 55" format as well as the Touchify user license and specific elements such as connection to the real estate software .

Without forgetting all the associated services, adaptable to your needs: financing solutions, configuration, delivery, installation, training, remote maintenance...