Creative Digital Signage for all screens and touch devices

A comprehensive software for interactive experiences and digital signage projects that come to life in just a few clicks. Multiply the power of attraction of your screens, regardless your activity.

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Creative digital signage for all screens

They transform their digital communication using Touchify :

Première Classe Jardiland GSF Eurotherm Veolia HSBC

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a core communication tool. It allows to create a special connection with your audience, whether in stores, real estate agencies, banks and companies, but also in restaurants, museums and all public places.

Touchify technology, in a single interface, allows you to broadcast varied information by attracting much more attention than traditional displays: advertisements, technical or pricing product informations, event-related inews, and much more.

Unleash your creativity

Have you ever imagined a one-shop-stop solution to transform your ideas into interactive digital signage content? A no-code software suitable for most screens? Don't imagine anymore ;-)


Why switch to digital signage?

Have you ever imagined a one-shop-stop solution to transform your ideas into interactive digital signage content? A no-code software suitable for most screens? Don't imagine anymore ;-)

Digital content
Allows instant and updated communication with the public.

Effective targeting
Effectively reaches  audience through personalization and interactivity.

Dynamism and commitment
Rend le contenu plus engageant et captivant qu'un affichage traditionnel.              

Instant updates
Facilitates quick changes of content in real time.

Custom messages
Allows companies to create custom communications.

Visibility and attention
Makes messages more visible and impactful, attracts the attention of the audience.

Increased profitability
Boosts sales for an increase in the average shopping cart in store

Data collection
Enables real-time analysis of customer behavior.


Explore our digital signage solutions

Whatever your business, we offer a unique digital signage solution  suitable with interactive terminal projects. Multi-site organization projects, third-party tools connection... Build your digital universe to optimize your communication with Touchify.

Digital signage customer success stories

Richard Bedane

Home kiosk


The contribution of Touchify terminals helped Techinnov to offer a participatory and connected event. We are so glad we chose Touchify and are already planning more events with them!

Studio Demarque
Julien Demarque


Studio Demarque

“I find Touchify incredibly rich, flexible, and scalable. I don’t see anything technically impractical.”

Discover how studio Demarque accompanies the digitalisation of Musée national de l'histoire de l'immigration.

Philippe Noiret



“With these new generation screens, (customers) are autonomous and can take their time to discover.”

Discover how Jardiland offer an immersive experience to their customers.

Pierre Magre



“We have set up a system where, in case of malfunction, our terminals can be repaired in less than 15 minutes by the end customer, without requiring special technical skills or on-site intervention.”

Discover how Unimage Productions support shopping center digitization witch Touchify.

Frequently ask questions about digital signage solutions


How to create a digital signage?

To create a digital signage, you must have creative tools (such as Canva, Photoshop or After Effects), a digital signage software, a player and a display device (screen, terminal, tablet...). The creation tools will allow you to create your content.

Some solutions, like ours, offer a creative studio directly integrated into the digital signage platform to simplify your life and save time. You will then have to make a choice between the two main families of the digital signage market: the 'SaaS' solutions that are hosted on the provider’s servers, and the 'On Premise' solutions to be installed at home with the help of your IT department.

What type of content to broadcast?

All types of multimedia content are possible: videos, PDF documents, RSS feeds, external databases, text and images, embedded animations, etc. The screen becomes your field of expression and facilitates the realization of your ideas. Unlike a traditional format, you do not need to reprint, remove, replace, everything is digitized. This makes it easier to test and observe public reaction.

Which monitor to use for my digital signage project?

TV, screen with embedded computer, display terminal, totem, tablet, ... When choosing your screen dedicated to digital signage, it is important to take into account certain criteria such as size, resolution, brightness, image quality, response time... but also accessibility criteria for people with reduced mobility for example.

Size and resolution are important factors, as they condition image quality. Brightness is also an important aspect because they determine the readability of the display. Finally, the response time must be short enough to avoid flickering effects for example.

To go further and create innovative experiences that facilitate the customer journey, also think about interactivity if you want to involve the listener in the experience and consider touch screens: responsiveness, multi-points...

What is the price of a digital signage solution?

The overall cost of a digital signage depends on several factors, such as the size and number of screens, the number of users, the choice of SaaS or on-Premise mode. Dynamic displays can cost from a few hundred to thousands of euros. Do not hesitate to contact us to quote your project for free.

What is the best digital signage software?

Free or paid digital signage? Interactive touch display? On-Premise or SaaS solution? So many things to consider. There are many software programs on the market that can be used to create attractive and interactive presentations for your audience. It’s important to choose the right software to make your digital signage a success. The important thing is to find the solution that meets your needs.

At Touchify, for example, we provide you with the necessary tools to set up dynamic, interactive and intelligent digital signage (openings on external APIs, data analysis, real-time alerts...).