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Create your digital signage or interactive touch screen signage projets with Touchify platform. Broadcast on multiple screens with Touchify Player application.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How to build my offer?

To build your offering, you need to determine the number of users who are going to edit content and the number of screens you are going to use to broadcast content.

Example: you want to set up digital devices in your stores to improve the customer experience. Your Marketing team which edits the content has 3 people and you have 10 stores with 3 terminals each. In this case, you must subscribe to the Touchify platform plan of your choice for the 3 members of the Marketing team and subscribe for your 30 licenses for your terminals.


Can I change my subscription during the period?

Organizations owners can change subscriptions. You can increase or decrease the subscription level or increase or decrease the number of users or screens associated with your organization.

When reducing the subscription level or the number of users, this will be effective at the end of the billing period that you have already paid.

When there is an increase in the subscription level or the number of users, we will make a one-time debit from your debit card, in proportion to the end of the billing period.

For example, your organization has a Pro subscription, which amounts to € 19 before tax per user per month (billed monthly). If you add a new user after 10 days (and you have 20 days of invoicing), the debit will be € 12.66 (excl. tax) (€ 19 / 30 days x 20 days).



Can I cancel my subscription?

Organizations owners can change subscriptions.

If you want to cancel a subscription, your account is automatically switched to the free plan. Your subscription will be available at its current level until the end of the billing period you have already paid for. If your subscription has an excess balance, it will be transformed into a credit note that will appear in your organization's account and that you can use for the possible reactivation of a paid plan.

We do not refund.


How to subscribe to a Touchify offer?

If you are an owner of your organization, your dashboard includes a "Billing" section that allows you to view your current subscription level and subscribe to new plans. When you select a plan, you will be asked to fill in the billing information as well as a payment method.

The "Billing" section also allows you to add or remove users and screens to your organization.


Should I train my team or my organization?

Touchify relies on ease of use. It is possible to learn to use the platform without training.

We also provide a help center with guides and tutorials to learn how to better use Touchify.

Finally, we can organize training with our product experts to speed up your team's learning time. You can contact the sales team to request training.


How can I get support?

If you have difficulty using Touchify, you can contact the support team directly from our different applications by clicking on the "?" Button. at the top right of the interface or in the Reader application menu.

Depending on your subscription level, you have access to different levels of support:

  • Starter offer: contact from support tickets only
  • Pro offer: contact from support tickets or by chat
  • Company offer: contact from support tickets, by chat or by phone

You can also find answers to your questions in the Help Center.


Plans do not fit my needs, what can I do?

The different subscription levels can meet most business needs. If you have specific needs in your organization you can contact the sales team for a custom plan.


What are the price reductions?

Touchify wants to support people who act for good causes around the world. This is the reason why we offer discounts to associations and nonprofits and qualified educational organizations. To find out more, please contact us.