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Self-Order Kiosk

Optimize Your Business with Self-Order Kiosks for Catering, Tourism, and Retail

The Most Customizable Self-Order Kiosk ;-)

In collaboration with AV integrators and hardware manufacturing partners, Touchify offers self-order kiosks tailored to your specifications.

arrow-left-blue  Streamline Your Order Processing

Emulate your receipt capabilities 

arrow-left-blue  Increase Your Average Cart

Integrate suggestions and personalized offers 

arrow-left-blue  Rethink Your Internal Organization

Focus on customer relations and value-added tasks.

Self-Order Kiosk Example

Touchify runs on all screens and operating systems, suitable for both new projects and existing screen fleets. Discover a typical self-order kiosk example created in collaboration with Google and Samsung partners.

Samsung kiosk

Key advantages

Touchify order kiosks are customizable, secure and offer advanced connectivity.


The self-order kiosk interface is fully designed within the Touchify no-code design studio according to your specifications. This includes integrating your graphic charter, studying and creating control interfaces, and developing communication models.
You keep the hand to evolve the design easily at any time, whether updating your graphic charter or incorporating a new logo.
During inactivity periods, the self-order kiosk can broadcast digital display playlists created through the Touchify studio to highlight current offers or enhance a loyalty program.

Touchify allows you to manage various displays within the same project, making it the perfect solution for customizing self-order kiosk communication across a franchise network!

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Self order kiosk security and maintenance

Maintenance and Security

Touchify’s security settings enable you to lock access to the self-order kiosk or restrict access to specific app settings. The administration interface provides a comprehensive view of your entire self-order kiosk fleet, allowing you to detect and address any device disconnections swiftly.

Offline Mode: Even if a self-order kiosk disconnects, it continues to function seamlessly until the connection is restored, eliminating black screens.

Advanced Connectivity

Touchify self-order kiosks integrate effortlessly with your existing systems, including cash register systems, loyalty programs, and control aggregators. Choose the payment solution that best fits your needs.

As an ideal interoperable solution, Touchify can support a wide range of projects, including those with card or RFID readers and sensors. For example, we offer solutions to efficiently manage loyalty programs.

Touchify connects seamlessly with reservation management software like RESAMARE, as well as specialized catering software such as Addition and SumUp.

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5, 10, 15... With us, you choose the number of languages;-)

Multiliste - 1


Remotely manage your kiosks in a single space.

Multimarque - 1


The ideal option for food courts and shared outlets.



Analyze customer journey in detail.

Customer Case

The kiosk allows to rethink customer experience in many activity sectors, including catering, tourism and retail.

Self-ordering kiosk
Les Bateaux Bleus


Self-ordering kiosk

“In physical points of sale, taking an interest in customer flow management is essential to reduce wait times and improve the experience.”

Discover the control terminals designed for Les Bateaux Bleus to optimize customer flows.

The advantages of a Self-Order Kiosk

A self-order kiosk revolutionizes customer experience across various sectors, including catering, tourism, and retail.

Reduce Wait Times

A self-order kiosk is a proven tool for optimizing customer flow, whether in restaurants or tourist spots. This alternative to traditional ordering systems allows customers to browse the menu and place orders independently.

The kiosk helps streamline the purchase process and significantly increases the order-taking capacity of a point of sale (POS). As a result, customer wait times are drastically reduced.



Drive Sales

A self-order kiosk is ideal for boosting sales, especially in fast-food establishments. With personalized suggestions, it encourages customers to explore more of your offerings and make additional purchases.

The kiosk also effectively displays promotional offers, driving sales and increasing the average order value, thereby boosting overall revenue.

Optimize Internal Organisation

Implementing a self-order kiosk helps optimize your internal operations. By automating the order-taking process, you free up your team from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities.

The kiosk integrates with your existing systems to centralize and transmit orders to both the checkout and the kitchen. This optimization of workflows reduces human error and simplifies your organization for greater efficiency.



Understand Customers

A self-order kiosk not only simplifies order taking but also serves as a valuable source of customer data. Analyzing the collected information allows you to better understand customer behavior and preferences.

The data from a self-order kiosk is crucial for adapting your marketing strategy and improving customer experience through personalized offers. Adopting a continuous improvement approach makes your establishment more competitive in its market and sets it apart from others.

Enhancing the Experience

In addition to reducing wait times and providing a more pleasant customer experience, the self-order kiosk allows customers to choose independently and at their own pace. It provides access to a wealth of information.

For establishments in tourist areas, multilingual integration facilitates communication with international customers.


A Multi-Sector Solution

The kiosk revolutionizes the customer experience across various sectors, including catering, tourism, and retail.


Kiosks for Restaurants

Installing a kiosk is an effective way to increase order-taking capacity while reducing customer wait times. With a relatively modest investment and extensive operational flexibility, these terminals also optimize staff management and streamline internal organization for greater efficiency.

In terms of outcomes, self-ordering kiosks can drive additional sales, quickly making the investment profitable. McDonald's, a pioneer in this field, reported a 15% increase in average order value in 2019 after equipping 900 out of its 1450 restaurants over a span of 5 years. (Source: Capital)

Kiosk for Touristic Location

Ticketing kiosks enhance customer experiences in amusement parks, museums, tourist offices, and any venue offering ticket sales related to activities or tourism.

These kiosks streamline ticket purchases and enhance sales capabilities. They are adaptable for use in gyms for memberships, river transport companies for tickets, or bus tours, among other tourist-related applications.



Kiosks for Retail POS

Dedicated retail kiosks expand presentation capabilities, showcasing your entire product catalog whether items are in stock or available for order.

These kiosks enable customers to explore your offerings comprehensively and benefit from personalized filters or suggestions tailored to their profiles, enhancing sales opportunities.


The kiosk allows a rethinking of the customer experience in many sectors of activity, including catering, tourism and retail.


What is an order terminal?

A kiosk, also called a self-service kiosk, is an interactive terminal equipped with a touch screen. This self-service kiosk allows a user to consult the offer of the point of sale, select the products or services of his choice and finalize his purchases without requiring the intervention of an employee.

What are the components of a self-service kiosk?

A self-service kiosk usually includes a touch screen, a payment terminal (TPE) and various third-party devices as needed: printer, card reader... The terminal is usually connected to a cash register system and a business ERP.

How do I choose my station?

All the terminals of the market will allow you to realize what it is intended to: present your offer and allow to place order. Choosing equipment from recognized brands, professional range helps to have reliable equipment in the long term in environments with extended operating cycles.

Connect with your existing ERP for seamless integration. The ability of your entire screen from a single solution (kiosk, menuboard, showcase, this is what we offer at Touchify), the ability to customize the interface 100%, the ease of intervention for daily updates, technical support.

What is the price of a self-service kiosk?

The price of a kiosk depends on many parameters such as the brand of the hardware, the size of the screen, the addition of third-party devices, the connection to your software or the level of customization of the interface.

With an average budget in the range of €2,500 to €4,000 excluding taxes, you have access to high-quality facilities with many customization options.

Touchify allows to digitize real estate agencies as well as create retail, public sector, companies, hotels, events, museums, tourism and restaurant digital signage experiences. Learn more on our activities and discover digital signage definition.