Interactive digital signage for Tourism

A digital and interactive digital signage software to help tourist attractions digitization.

Offer your audience a digital experience

Tourist offices, amusement parks, ski resorts, entertainment hall... Learn more about how to integrate display screens into your business to optimize your communication and bring new visitor experiences.

The benefits of interactive digital signage for tourism

Easier communication management


Easier communication management

Easily publish and update your communications on all your screens is now possible without moving from your seat! Save time with a platform that centralizes all your content.

Optimize your spaces and reduce the number of printed leaflets in favor of interactive kiosks offering personalized content, ideal for tourist offices.

An enhanced visitor experience


An enhanced visitor experience

Digital signage and interactive signage make your communications more impactful and offer unique experiences.

Prioritising information on an interactive device allows your audience to easily and simply find what they are looking for, independently.

Digitize communication in tourist destinations

Offer personalized interactive experiences

Interactive terminals implementation allows to propose personalized content according to the profile of each visitor.

Depending on your activity and the communication tools already in place, several technical solutions, from the simplest to the most advanced, can be considered to customize the content of the screens: installation of a qualification form or filters, installation of card reader or badges (QR code, RFID...), facial recognition solution...

Whether for tourist offices, tourist attractions or any type of leisure activities, each visitor can create their own experience according to their specific interests. Because personalization increases visitor engagement and satisfaction, offer an unforgettable experience and stand out from the competition.


Offer personalized interactive experiences

Inform instantly

Digital signage is an asset for tourist offices and leisure establishments. With real-time dissemination of information, visitors are easily informed about the latest news, upcoming events, visiting times, weather conditions and special offers.

This fast and transparent transmission of information makes it possible to propose a more fluid visit to the public, to keep them constantly up to date on everything they need to know to make the most of their stay or visit.

By making information available in real time on digital media, you also show your commitment to accompany your visitors by offering them a quality service. You convey a positive image of your establishment or destination.


Inform instantly

Welcoming and guiding the public

Locating in a large tourist area or in a new city can be confusing for visitors. Through interactive maps, clear visual indications, and the ability to search for specific points of interest, they can be easily steered. They quickly access the information they need, improving their experience without wasting time.

Digital signage can also be used as an information medium to communicate opening hours, prices, a schedule of events... It allows to erase the feeling of waiting while informing as widely as possible.


Welcoming and guiding the public

Touchify allows to create event digital signage as well as create digital experiences for companies, retail, public sector, catering, hotels, museums, real estate and tourism.