Interactive digital signage with Touchify

A complete solution to create innovative content, manage your digital fleet via a single interface and set up interactive digital signage that capture your audience.

Increase the impact of your communications with interactive display

Discover how Touchify allows you to maximize the impact of your communications with a complete platform to design and broadcast digital and interactive signage.
We accompany you throughout the realization of your projects, you then act in perfect autonomy via our intuitive software for interactive screens that are always functional.

Usual digital signages struggle to capture attention.


average attention

Usual digital signage
Dynamic vs interactive
Interactive digital signage

Interactive displays generate more engagement.


average attention

Offer an immersive and personalized experience

Traditional dynamic displays offer an impersonal experience. On the contrary, an interactive display will invite the user to interact. He becomes an actor of his experience and get more relevant information. He will be more involved and receptive to your messages.

84% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product if the content encourages discovery.

Bring your stories to life to generate engagement

Digital displays are now a part of everyday life whether in public places, stores or workplaces. To captivate your audience, it is necessary to offer qualitative content that meets users' expectations.

Touchify technology offers great freedom to create immersive communication media to promote your products, your services and your brand, on all your devices. 75 % of people are more likely to share an interactive digital experience.

75% of people are more likely to share an interactive digital experience.

Create impactful content

Share your stories to create a strong emotional bond with your audience. An involved user will have a positive image of the brand and will be happy to share his experience. Touchify allows you to create a wide variety of content to differentiate you from the competition.

+8% According to a study published by Nielsen, the use of digital devices during a campaign generates an increase in sales of 8% on average.

Manage your campaigns

Control your devices

Control your devices

Control your devices

Touchify Publisher offers a full control to distribute your content on your devices regardless of their number and location.

« With a simple mouse you will get anything you want. »
Les Deschiens, Visionnaires, 1996
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Measure performance

Measure performacne

Measure performance

Touchify Analytics provides your with feedback to understand your users, improve your content and better meet their expectations.

« Data is key in customer relations, but also in commercial efficiency. »
Julien Lechat, e-Acquisitions director at Air France

Why choose Touchify interactive digital signage software?

Touchify offers all-in-one digital signage software to create immersive and engaging experiences, regardless of your needs, hardware or market, whether it’s digital signage in a restaurant, store or public place. You benefit from three complementary tools:

Create unique experiences

Have your own creative studio to imagine unique interactive experiences. Organize your assets in a space of creation without constraint and import your images, videos or 3D files. Apply interactions, add animations and let the magic work!

Integrate the software into your digital environment

Touchify integrates into your ecosystem for fast and seamless implementation. Connecting with your business software or CRM is easy. You can also imagine integrating third-party tools such as card readers. And if you have a more specific need, our team of experts is at your disposal to plan a tailor-made development.

Touchify Studio

What is an interactive digital signage?


Secured kiosk

Secure your digital devices: lock access to the system and application settings.


A centralized broadcast

Publish your updates in one click on all your screens, regardless of their number and location.



Get real feedback with the usage data of your content.


Multi-support management

The Touchify application works on all digital devices: tablets, touch terminals, interactive displays...

Customer success stories

Philippe Noiret



“With these new generation screens, (customers) are autonomous and can take their time to discover.”

Discover how Jardiland offer an immersive experience to their customers.

Pierre Magre



“We have set up a system where, in case of malfunction, our terminals can be repaired in less than 15 minutes by the end customer, without requiring special technical skills or on-site intervention.”

Discover how Unimage Productions support shopping center digitization witch Touchify.