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Digital Signage for Real Estate

Increase real estate property listings visibility and highlight your expertise with innovative digital signage software.

Cloud based Digital Signage Software made for realtors

In today's fiercely competitive real estate market, gaining maximum exposure for property listings is paramount. Realtors are constantly seeking innovative ways to distinguish themselves and attract both buyers and sellers. One such solution gaining traction is real estate digital signage.

The benefits of Real Estate Digital Signage

Get your customers' attention in few seconds


Get your customers' attention in few seconds

Real estate digital signage offers a compelling marketing toolset that enables realtors to showcase properties effectively, capturing the attention of potential buyers in a crowded marketplace. These dynamic displays not only elevate the presentation of listings but also enhance the overall customer experience, setting agencies apart from their competitors.

Optimize your advertising management costs


Optimize your advertising management costs

Real estate digital signage give real-time updates and remote management capabilities, allowing to save precious time in your busy role. Real estate franchises appreciate templates and multi-site management to effortlessly start with new agencies. And what about the automation of property listing updates which is a real game changer.

A wide range of digital signage applications for real estate

Window listing display

Placing digital screens in the window of your real estate agency attract the attention of passersby, enabling them to take a look at your property listing at any time, even when you're not there. 

You easily start with a template, select a style and various options to create a display that matches your real estate agency's brand. Then, the signs deployement to your office displays requires just a few clicks to set up your preferences.
Our digital signage solution connects to your real estate management software for a smooth integration with existed processes. To make your life easier, screen updates are automatic : thaks to smart playlists, define your display criteria and let the magic happen!

Window listing display

Indoor digital signage

Many realtors limit their screens to the broadcast of a property listing whereas digital signage software have the ability to communicate more wider to the clients.

Our real estate digital signage give you the opportunity to easily alternate between real properties and marketing communications, in your window but also in your offices.

Discover our content ideas to catch customer attention:

  • Introduce your real estate agents and highlight their expertise.
  • Promote your services: property valuation, estate management, home staging...
  • Sell ad space to your partners.
  • Give some tips on buying and selling property to give them peace of mind and ensure the best chances of success during the whole process. 
  • Display customer testimonials and reviews as a social proof to gain the confidence of new clients.
  • Communicate on agency fees.

Indoor digital signage

Interactive customer experience

Interactive terminals is going to revolutionize the way your real estate agency engage with clients. One compelling reason to install touch-screen devices is their ability to provide instant access to property listings, virtual tours or neighborhood information, empowering potential buyers to explore at their own pace and convenience.

By leveraging interactive kiosk, customers can effortlessly navigate through listings, filter preferences, and gather essential details without the need for assistance as a first time.

Additionally, these kiosks foster a sense of innovation, positioning your brand agency as a forward-thinking industry leader, underscoring your commitment to meeting evolving consumer expectations and staying ahead of the competition.


Interactive customer experience

Field tablets for realtors

Field tablet is a must-have to access instantly information about properties during home visit tour, ensuring you can provide accurate and up-to-date information even if you are out of the office.

Field tablets can be used to enrich home visit tour, showcasing quotation, home stating project, facilities around property location... This helps realtors to engage clients effectively and make a strong impression.

While being connected in real-time with your master system, you ensure to work with the most recent information and be consistant in term of communication.


Field tablets for realtors

Back office display

Real estate digital signage is also extremely suitable for internal communication to intensify information exchange and stimulate team engagement.

Here's a list of our top 5 best practices to adopt:

  • Improve task-tracking: after sales process, upcoming real estate mandates, prospective ongoing actions...
  • Monitor your business activity: number of transactions, achievement of objectives, key financial figures...
  • Share real estate industry information: real-time market trends, insights, regulations...
  • Help your agents to stay competitive: broadcast videos, tutorials, best practices....
  • Communicate on your employer brand: mission statements, core values, press article, testimonials...

Back office display

Digital signage real estate key features


Automated update

Use smart playlists for automatic update of property listing.

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Custom design

Select template or access integrated design studio to create unique content.

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Smooth integration with your existed management software.


Offline mode

Give access to your content regardless the situation.

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