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Interactive digital signage for sales

An end-to-end solution to create innovative business presentations and manage your sales team.

Master your sales pitch

Upgrade your business presentations to make your pitch more attractive and dynamic. As a sales support tool, the platform allows your teams to become more efficient and improve your sales performance.

Interactivity means reactivity

Be more impactful

Sales interactive speech

Be more impactful

The usual slides and PDF documents do not help sales pitch because of their linearity. On the contrary, an interactive presentation encourage the discussion, captivate your audience and make you more reactive.

of customers are satisfied when they get a quick response to their questions.

Customize your speech

Customize your speech

Customize your speech

Every customer is different. Your presentation must adapt to all situations. Interactive content offers more flexibility to personalize your speech according to your interlocutor.

of customers feel more considered when the speech is personalized.

Increase your productivity

Sales teams spend a tremendous amount of time personalizing their sales presentations before each meeting. Using interactive presentations, these recurring tasks can be limited to focus all productivity on the customer relationship.

2 h
On average, a salesperson spends 2 hours a day, 10 hours per week, personalizing his presentations for his client meetings.
Sales productivity

Get feedback from the field

From sales team

Feedback from sales people

From sales team

Analyze presentations usage data to understand your salespeople's behavior and improve your business presentations.

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From your customers

Feedback from customers

From your customers

Collect usage data from presentations shared to your clients to better understand their expectations and improve your offer.

Why Touchify?

Touchify is a SaaS platform that allows your to create innovative presentations that can be automatically updated and distributed to sales teams, It offers a full broadcast control and statistical analysis. Touchify is an end-to-end solution for controlled and impactful communication.

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Main features



One-click publishing. Your updates are instantly available on all your devices.

Offline mode

Offline mode

Your content remains accessible without an Internet connection.

All devices


The Touchify Player application is available on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iPadOS and Android.


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