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Solutions for hotels and restaurants

Improve customer experience to better meet consumer expectations.

Provide a successful customer experience with Touchify

Customer expectations meet new standards, expecting fast and personalized information. Phygital solutions make it possible to meet these expectations. Find out how Touchify allows you to better communicate with your customers and offer them unique and rewarding experiences.

The challenges of digital transformation

Customer expectations

Touch screen terminal at the entrance of the hotel

Customer expectations

When a customer enters your establishment, you must do everything possible to provide a successful customer experience. The modern consumer wants a smooth and enjoyable experience. He wishes to be informed and to benefit from rapid and relevant information.

of consumers believe customer experience is more important than price.

Improving services

Kiosk terminal to inform visitors

Improving services

Digital devices help you become more efficient. They make it possible to free the staff from certain tasks, to inform customers, to improve access to services and to maximize occupancy rates. Consumers want to optimize their time when making a reservation or checking in.

of people want to save time with digital devices and services.

Solutions to optimize the customer journey

Digital reception and registration

Located at the entrance to the establishment, the reception terminal is the first point of contact with the customer. It makes it possible to welcome, inform and guide the visitor. Located outside the restaurant, it is used to display the menu, promote an event and attract new customers.

Reception and check-in kiosk

Digital reception and registration

A digital menu in your restaurant

A digital interactive menu brings many advantages. It offers a better presentation of the products, it can easily be displayed in multiple languages and it is easy to update. Display the daily special in just a few clicks on all your devices.

A digital menu on a restaurant table

A digital menu in your restaurant

Connect the hotel rooms

Set up touch pads in hotel rooms to communicate with your customers, to promote the hotel services and to distribute promotional offers. It is also an efficient way for the customer to access services, make a reservation or order a meal. This generates an increase in revenue from internal hotel services.

Touch pad in a hotel room

Connect the hotel rooms

Multiply touchpoints

Support the user throughout their customer journey. Identify strategic points where the user will need to be informed or simply time to devote: an elevator, a smoking room or a waiting room for example.

Digital display in front of an elevator

Multiply touchpoints

Why Touchify?

Touchify is a SaaS plateform that allows Marketing and Communication teams to produce interactive content, control their distribution and collect usage data. Touchify is an end-to-end solution for controlled and impactful communication.

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Main features


Simplified multilingual management to allow you to display your content in several languages.

Secure kiosk

Secure your digital devices, lock access to the system and application settings.

Easy to deploy

Easily publish your updates. Content is immediatly available on your devices.

Usage data

Get statistics feedback on the performance of your campaigns.