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Touchify in-store marketing solutions

The end-to-end solution that boosts your phygital strategy.

Create immersive digital experiences in points of sale

Find out how Touchify helps you to expand your digital presence in stores, providing continuity of the customer journey in an omnichannel strategy.

Extend your digital brand universe to stores

The relationship between consumers and brands is changing.

Today, we expect to live experiences and share values. Touchify allows you to produce innovative content to promote your products and your brand. Simply create immersive customer experiences to engage the consumer in your universe.
of consumers say that digital in-store services encourage them to shop.
People in front of a touch screen in a store

Extend your digital brand universe to stores

Personalize the customer journey

The modern consumer no longer wants to be sold a product, he wants to buy it.

Interactive content gives him more freedom to go to the information that interests him. This allows to better meet its expectations. Becoming an actor in its purchasing experience, he is able to personalize its customer journey.

of consumers prefer to be independent in the purchasing process rather than call on a salesperson.
Personalize the customer journey

Personalize the customer journey

Be creative, be different

Create the content that suits you. Touchify Studio offers great freedom to create interactive and dynamic content. No technical skills are required, unleash your creativity to tell your stories and involve the consumer while offering a differentiating experience.

of consumers are more likely to buy a product if the content encourages discovery.
Touchscreen in a furniture store

Be creative, be different

Optimize your campaigns

Using Touchify Analytics your get a feedback to measure the performance of your campaigns. Analyze usage data to better understand consumers behavior, better meet their expectations and improve the relevance of your speech.

Touchify offers great flexibility to iterate. Easily update your content on your various digital devices, regardless of their number and geographic location.

« Without knowledge of its audience, and without solid preliminary assumptions, Big Data is useless. »
Benjamin Mercier, Digital Analytics
Analyze usage data

Optimize your campaigns

Why Touchify?

Touchify is a SaaS platform that allows Marketing and Design teams to produce interactive content, control their distribution and collect usage data. Touchify is an end-to-end solution for controlled and impactful communication.

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Main features

Secure kiosk

Secure your digital devices, lock access to the system and application settings.

Easy to deploy

Easily publish your updates. Content is immediatly available on your devices.

Usage data

Get statistics feedback on the performance of your campaigns.


The Touchify Player application is available on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iPadOS and Android.

Expand your digital presence

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