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Interactive digital signage for restaurants

Improve customer experience to better meet consumer expectations.

Digitize your restaurant with Touchify

Digitize your restaurant by combining digital signage and interactive signage. Learn more about how to integrate phygital into your strategy at various contact points and give your customers a unique experience.

Key functions



Simplified multilingual management to allow you to display your content in several languages.

Secure kiosk

Secure kiosk

Secure your digital devices, lock access to the system and application settings.

Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy

Easily publish your updates. Content is immediatly available on your devices.


Usage data

Get statistics feedback on the performance of your campaigns.

How to digitalize the customer experience in your restaurant?

Digital menuboard

Digital menu board offers many advantages: highlighting food items, simplicity of updating, ease of use, multilingual display...

While there is usually an increase in the average basket when it is set up, the menuboard also helps to increase efficiency and comfort, for both the customer and the restaurant owner.

For this digital signage application, we often prefer stretch screens that can be used both horizontally and vertically, but also the assemblies of several screens traditionally placed above the counter.


Digital menuboard

Interactive menu

Derived from the menuboard, the interactive menu is used on a terminal or tablet. As its name suggests, it offers a more immersive and engaging experience by putting the customer at the heart of the action.

The interactive map can find its application in front of the entrance of the restaurant, on an interactive terminal for example, or at the table, on tablets, to facilitate decision making and optimize orders.

There is now furniture natively integrating display technologies, such as touch tables.


Interactive menu

Digital signage

Besides the menus, digital signage can be used throughout all points of contact with the client in order to communicate on more targeted information: restaurant news, promotions, recipe of the month, safety rules...

Social wall 


Digital signage

Why Touchify?

Touchify is a SaaS software that allows to produce interactive content, control their distribution and collect usage data. Touchify is an end-to-end solution for controlled and impactful communication.

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