Digital signage, the showcase of your store

In this article, find out why and how to use digital signage in your store window.

Initially small and especially functional 100 years ago, the window now plays a major role in communicating the points of sale whatever they are.

But to capture the attention of passers-by and stand out, messages, but also supports, must be impactful.

Using digital signage technology allows you to tell beautiful stories in a different way.

Why animate your showcase with a digital display screen?

Generate traffic in your point of sale

The installation of a display window allows to stand out from the competing signs. Today, many solutions suitable for professional uses exist (high brightness screens, sizes adapted to the reading distance...). And with an extended operating range, it helps to increase the visibility of advertising messages. 

Tell beautiful stories with a digital screen

The use of screens allows you to further immerse yourself in the brand world and start integrating visitors into a brand experience even before they enter your store.

Simplify updating your showcase

Digital signage screens make it easier to update content. Because your communication evolves to the rhythm of chestnut trees (sales, seasonal promotions, end-of-year celebrations...), the traditional paper display is increasingly restrictive. Thanks to the digital display software, broadcasting is done at any time, from anywhere, and in a much simpler way.

Digital display window, multiple uses

The window display for stores

Setting up an LCD screen is a perfect communication solution for clothing stores or retail in general.

Digital signage in the window of real estate agencies

Perfect for presenting goods for sale, showing photos and why not integrate a virtual tour into the often reduced display space of agency windows.

The window display for restaurants 

It is the perfect solution to dust off the traditional menu. And you can extend your communication beyond menus to talk about your current offers or any other relevant information to make customers want to enter. Whatever your need, many supports exist - totems, strech screens...

The display panel leds for the pharmacy window

Because pharmacies have a dual purpose, they are increasingly interested in educating their customers while achieving their business objectives, on products such as parapharmacy. Digital signage also helps to promote the products and services offered. Setting up a screen in the window is an ideal advertising space.

In-window digital signage for travel agencies

Whether it is to broadcast text, beautiful images or video, it is perfect to make passers-by want to travel.