Digital signage for automotive dealerships

Digital Signage for Retail

While the US automotive industry continues to be impacted by cyclical difficulties, with a 2022 year-end showing an 8% decline in passenger vehicle sales, 2023 is showing more positive signs.

In this context, interactive digital signage is a way for your sales team members to maximize the results of the point of sale and achieve their business goals.

6 reasons to consider adopting a digital signage solution in an automotive dealership

  • Promote the latest models and related offers to inform and ignite the desire to purchase.
  • Enhance the customer experience through a guided tour that immerses them in your brand's world.
  • Engage your visitors and eliminate the perception of waiting, especially during peak times like open days or weekends.
  • Streamline communication across multiple dealership locations by centralizing content management.
  • Stand out from the competition by providing a memorable experience.
  • Facilitate internal communication within the offices regarding sales, promotions and incentives.

How to effectively utilize digital signage in your auto dealership? 

Welcome and guide your visitors:

  • Whether it's the showroom, used vehicle section, repair station, or parking area, digital signage can direct customers to various reception areas.
  • At the entrance of your sales showroom, leverage interactive display screens to consolidate your communication and offer customized routes that immerse customers in your brand.
  • or customers with appointments, use screens to enable them to announce their arrival and facilitate a smooth process.
  • Within the after-sales service, create digital display screens displaying names, appointment times, and reasons for personalized assistance.

Present your dealership, vehicles and related services:

  • Replace traditional paper signage with interactive digital display screens next to cars, showcasing technical features, equipment, options, and prices to inform customers.
  • In the second-hand car showroom, use interactive digital screens to provide a visual overview of all vehicles and their histories. For multi-site dealerships, display the entire available inventory...Affichage-dynamique-voiture
  • Utilize digital display screens behind shop windows to introduce your dealership, share its history, and showcase employees. This is also an ideal platform to communicate practical details like opening hours.
  • Within the after-sales service, display inspection prices, financing offers, and other relevant information.

Generate engagement and entertainment:

  • Entertain your visitors with game contests, promotional deals, videos, and interactive terminals during open days. Additionally, set up forms to gather customer contact information for personalized offers.
  • Incorporating customer testimonials builds trust in your dealership. Consider integrating a social wall that aggregates feeds from your various networks.