Digital signage for automotive dealerships

Digital Signage for Retail

While the US automotive industry remains impacted by cyclical difficulties with a 2022 year ended by a 8% decline in passenger vehicle sales, 2023 shows more positive signs.

In this context, interactive digital signage is a way for your sales team members to maximize the results of the point of sale and achieve their business goals.

6 reasons to adopt a digital signage solution in an automotive dealership

  • Promote newest models and related offers to inform and trigger the desire to buy.
  • Improve the customer experience through visitor tour. You need to create a total immersion in your brand world.
  • Keep your visitors waiting and erase the feeling of waiting, especially during peak attendance during open days or weekends.
  • Optimize the communication of multisite car dealerships by centralizing content management.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition, offering a memorable experience.
  • Communicate internally in the offices on sales, promotional operations, sales incentives...

How to use digital signage in your auto dealership? 

Welcome and guide your visitors:

  • Showroom, used vehicle, repair station, parking... From the outside, digital signage allows you to guide your customers to the different reception areas.
  • At the entrance of your sales showroom, you can compile all your communication on an interactive display screen and propose discovery routes to immerse your customers in your world.
  • If your customers have an appointment with a sales advisor, why not use your screens to allow them to announce their arrival?
  • At the level of your after-sales service, you can also set up digital display screens with the name, appointment time and the reason for the intervention for a personalized welcome.

Present your dealership, vehicles and related services:

  • Technical features, equipment, options, prices... You can replace your conventional paper signage by an interactive digital display screen next to the cars to inform your customers.
  • At the entrance of your second-hand car showroom, an interactive digital display screen allows to visualize all the vehicles as well as their history. For multi-site dealerships, you can also show all the vehicles available.Affichage-dynamique-voiture
  • Behind your shop windows, it's the ideal place to introduce the dealership, its history and its employees on digital display screens. It is also the perfect support to communicate practical information such as opening hours.
  • At the level of your after-sales service, you can also display the prices of inspections, financing offers...
  • You can create a waiting room with an interactive touch table with a configurator for your customers to wait by configuring their dream vehicle. 

Generate engagement and entertainment:

  • Game contests, commercial dealing, videos, game terminal during the open days... Entertain your visitors! You can also set up forms to retrieve their contact information to send them personalized offers.
  • Embedding customer testimonials helps build trust in your dealership. You can integrate a social wall with the feeds coming from your different networks.