Digital menuboard : definition and advantages

Discover 7 reasons why you need to use interactive digital signage solutions to create effective menuboards.

Menuboards, what is it?

Menu boards are dedicated screens used to broadcast digital menus, dishes or more generally the whole offer of a traditional restaurant or a fast food. There can be part of your catering interactive digital signage strategy.

Several configurations are possible according to the needs and the available space: large wall board screen, assembly of screens, stretch display...

In some cases, digital signage can also become interactive through touchscreens that aim to immerse the customer in a more advanced experience.

Digital signage for restaurants

How to set up a menu board?

To set up a menuboard, you will need to equip yourself with:

  • A screen, or more, depending on your communication objectives.
  • An on-screen or external 1 player, on-screen or external.
  • An interactive digital signage software.

7 reasons to use menuboards in your restaurant

1 - More flexibility

A digital menu simplifies updates: price changes, new products or menus, special sales, but also graphic charter, logo... You have a remote control and have the ability to push changes instantaneously on all monitors.

2 - Enhanced visibility

Images, animations, videos, sound... It is a proven fact that screens attract attention like a magnet. An outdoor digital signage device is a good solution to generate more traffic in a point of sale. 

3 - Save time

Whether via screens above the countertops in fast food or via individual tablets in traditional restaurants, menuboards help your customers to choose, even to place an order, with a full autonomy. Your staff can save significant time, an opportunity to set up new organizations.  

4 - Reduce costs

A last-minute change, a typing error... No need to print a new copy and spend time. Although setting up menuboards represents an investment (purchase screen, licenses, hardware,...) it can prove profitable in the long term.

5 - Improve customer experience

In a world where we are inundated with information and content in all forms, new formats, such as interactive content, are alternatives that allow us to better involve customers and make them active in the discovery and purchasing process.

6 - Increase sales

Faced with a traditional menu, the choice is not always easy. Between the many dishes and the titles, the customer can get lost. Menuboards allows to enrich the information by proposing dishes visuals, highlight the ingredients or give the tip of the chef. In the end, it's a relevant solution to boost your business.

7 - Communicate in all languages

Menuboard is the ideal communication tool for tourist areas. It allows to display your menus in several languages. Behind the window, or above a counter, you could dedicate a screen to offer a display in French. At the table, tablets can pass the menu in several languages.

Touchify, a digital signage restaurant solution

Our digital signage software makes it possible to respond to the digitalization of your restaurant, whether simply through digital signage or through interactive experiences.