UNIMAGE Productions digitizes shopping centers with Touchify

In this article, discover how UNIMAGE Productions designs interactive display terminals that meet retail digital needs, and more especially shopping centers. Let's discover the Polygone Béziers project carried out in collaboration with Touchify.

Display terminals to meet French regulatory change

Receipts were at the heart of the marketing strategy of the Polygone Béziers shopping center: they made it possible to obtain points on the loyalty program with customers.

With the end of automatic printing receipt on August 1, 2023, SOCRI, the mall administrator, had to adjust its sales strategy by rethinking its customer communication.

Having chosen interactive terminals, Polygone Béziers called on a local actor, UNIMAGE Productions, to design 3 custom-made interactive terminals.

The loyalty program at the heart of the Polygone Béziers project

Since Monday, July 17, customers of the mall discover interactive totems during their visit. These touch terminals allow visitors to scan their loyalty card to accumulate points each time they visit. They can check their balance, access various benefits such as free parking or enjoy exclusive commercial offers valid in the shops of the center.

The material

The slim format terminals feature a 32-inch touch screen. The furniture is custom-made by a local subcontractor with particular attention to detail: taking into account the graphic charter of the shopping center, engraved and backlit logo, discreet integration of an RFID reader and QR-Codes…

The application

Based on the Touchify platform, the application is connected to the Salesforce CRM of the shopping mall. It aims to offer a unique customer experience through a connected RFID card reader and a QR-Code reader. The fluid and dynamic user interface is specially designed by the Touchify teams to meet the needs and requirements of users.

UNIMAGE Productions, from holographic diffusion to interactive terminals

Founded in 2019, UNIMAGE Productions has expertise that ranges from institutional film and video creation to holographic broadcasting. The company continues its development through digital layouts.

If the company is still young, Pierre MAGRE, co-founder, is not at its beginnings in the audiovisual industry: with more than 30 years of experience, especially in the cinema as a sound engineer and composer, it offers its customers personalized projects putting the user at the heart of the devices.

Terminal maintenance, a major challenge for shopping centers

“When you go to malls, it’s not uncommon to find at least one off-duty kiosk in the customer park. The service providers responsible for the maintenance of shopping centres are unfortunately inclined to neglect these establishments.” explains Pierre MAGRE.

There are many reasons for this: “This may be due to rising fuel costs as a result of recent events, a shortage of qualified personnel in certain geographical areas or an overload of work due to the high number of interventions to be carried out, This can sometimes lead to delays of several weeks. In addition, terminals quickly become obsolete, and their design or components make them difficult to repair.”

Based on this observation, UNIMAGE Productions decided to adopt an environmentally friendly approach in a market where low-cost solutions are still widespread: “We have set up a system where, in case of malfunction, our terminals can be repaired in less than 15 minutes by the end customer, without requiring special technical skills or on-site intervention, which translates into extremely low maintenance costs.”

Pierre also explains that “[his] ambition today is to offer [his] customers terminals with a 50% longer lifespan than conventional offers.” A goal that can only be welcomed.

On the software side, UNIMAGE Productions “[ has] found in Touchify the ideal partner because [ the team can ] manage the application remotely and thus intervene in a very simple way. It’s the perfect solution for [ its ] business model." Touchify’s strength, according to him? “Unlimited user interface capabilities and a dynamic team with extraordinary expertise.”