An immersive in-store customer experience with Jardiland

In this article, find out how Jardiland - a French distribution company, specialized in the world of the garden, from the pet to the art of living - is boosting the customer experience with the interactive digital signage dedicated to retail.

Accelerated by the health context of recent years, online sales have gradually exploded, forcing brands and small businesses to meet new challenges and multiply innovative solutions.

Jardiland is one of the companies that decided to innovate. Touchify was chosen by the brand to equip Lorient and Lanester stores with dynamic interactive screens. Dynamiq-lite, specialized in tactile solutions, complemented the device.

The goal for the brand is to offer its customers a unique, immersive and fun experience in which they can move, enlarge, scroll and control all the items displayed on the screen. Emotion is also at the rendezvous with the qualities of breathtaking images mixing the real with the virtual…

A total immersion in the screens and a freedom of the consumer to seek his own information

For 2 years now, customers at Jardiland stores in Lanester and Lorient have been interacting with next-generation touch screens. Unlike video loops that consumers don’t have access to here, they are the ones who choose the information they need.

Actors of their own research, they can discover all the local partners and suppliers whose products are offered in stores, the different workshops offered, register, but also manipulate the different images on the screen, enlarge them, position them in different places…

Consumers are increasingly curious about what they buy, they want to know the history of the products. For us, it is essential to show them our involvement in short circuits and relay the necessary information. With these new generation screens, they are autonomous and can take their time to discover explains Philippe Noiret, Director of Jardiland Lanester/Lorient stores. 

A strategy that can pay off for the brand because, according to a Yahoo Research study, when content encourages discovery, the customer has a 75% chance of having a positive opinion of the brand.

One of the screens installed in the flower section invites you to daydream and change of scenery. The quality is so exceptional that visitors have the feeling of being immersed in the universe diffused: the illusion is total.

Given the strength of e-commerce, give consumers reasons to come to the store

To cope with e-commerce, physical stores must make the shift to digitalization and extend the customer experience with a real phygital strategy. The point of sale remains a key place in the shopping journeys. Consumers want to discover the digital world of the brand, but not just that: they want a unique experience. That’s where Touchify comes in.

Interactive and immersive signage, using digital signage, lacking creativity

We started from the observation that, even if almost all the points of sale in France have screens, they are sorely lacking in creativity in their use. In addition, digital signage is struggling to create engagement, with an average of 1.5 seconds of attention versus 40 seconds for more buy-in interactive signage  explains Maxime Luce, co-founder and CEO of Touchify.

Interactive display offers an immersive and personalized experience. It invites the user to interact and navigate to the information that interests him. Consumers no longer want to be sold a product, they want to buy it. By allowing them to browse the content freely, they naturally go to the information that seems most relevant to them. They are more receptive and more likely to retain it. They become a part of their purchasing experience.”  

Easily produce code-free interactive content for touchscreen

Touchify offers a new way of communicating by allowing companies to create a strong bond with their customers, immersing them in a world they can totally control. The experience can give the impression of being immersed in a futuristic environment. It offers brands a playful and modular technology to multiply possibilities. Creation requires no lines of code or specific technical skills. Companies have the freedom to create interactive and dynamic content independently. Brands can give free rein to their creativity to tell stories and involve the consumer while offering a differentiating experience.