How to generate more B2B leads with interactive content?

The real question is, why not use interactive content?

According to a study by Curata, 42.5% of companies increased their marketing staff to produce more content in 2016. This means that there is more and more competition, more and more content, which makes it harder to stand out in this ocean of information.

The war of content

In an information overload age, you need to find ways to deliver more exciting and truly engaging experience. A more persuasive approach that pulls prospects from their passive state and makes them want to learn more about you and your offer.

While B2C brands were the first to discover interactive content to drive engagement, B2B companies have just started using this type of content to improve engagement and better qualify prospects.

And it works!

Stand out from the competition and improve impact

“Improving the Buyer Journey” DemandMetric's report shows that interactive content generates 2x more conversions than passive content.

And according to the 2015 Demand Gen content preference survey, 91% of buyers prefer visual content and an element of interactivity and entertainment.

In fact, Forbes identified interactive content as one of the top three actions for B2B marketing.

Why interactive content allows to generate leads?

  • They are attractive (and addictive) and respond to our very human tendency to compare, share opinions and have fun. They engage and entertain your audience while educating them.

  • They are a powerful way to build trust - by positioning themselves as a credible source, an expert in your field, who provides prospects with quality information and tailored to their specific needs and interests.

  • They keep the conversation going. As long as prospects interact with your content, you will be able to learn more about them through their interactions, rate them, qualify them and enrich them with relevant content.
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Interactive content is more effective in engaging the public.

Interactive content is more effective in educating the buyer.

Interactive content differentiates you

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