Why use Interactive Content in Content Marketing?



You don’t need us to tell you - the era of content marketing is changing! In every industry, brands create many kinds of content: blog article, brochure, white paper... all with the intention of attracting, acquiring and engaging a user.

The Content Marketing Institute report on B2B/B2C content shows that 88% of B2B marketers and 76% of B2C marketers uses content marketing. A quarter of the total marketing budget is devoted to content marketing.

According to the same report, 53% of marketing managers have already reported using interactive content and 75% have planned to increase usage in the coming year.

Interactivity requires an active commitment of the participant. This forces your potential prospects to participate, which involves them more with what you present, but also helps them better retain what you say and the message of your brand.

Interactive content helps to capture attention, educate buyers, generate leads and build customer loyalty.

B2B content marketing trends.png

Effectiveness of interactive content versus static content:

contenu interactif contre contenu statique.png

Interactive content engages the public.

Interactive content educates the buyer.

Interactive content differentiates you.

Interactive content is more shared.

The result:

  • Educated and engaged prospects
  • An enhanced competitive advantage
  • More effective communication