'La Fabrik du Sud' supports its growth through interactive signage

To ensure effective communication and maintain an excellent customer experience, 'La Fabrik du Sud' has set up Touchify.

'La Fabrik du Sud' is a school shop, an insertion site with two activities, an activity of creation of decorative items and accessories, especially through a sewing workshop (upcycling, revalorization) and also a sales activity within their store located in Marseille, now equipped with the Touchify solution embedded in their touch tablets.

The need and the original objective was, at first, is to illustrate their concept and their commitments and at a second time, to present the products that could not appear in store because of lack of space.

In the past, sellers managed to present the products, but they had no system in place to illustrate their purpose or present the items missing from the shop. This contributed to a high revenue shortfall, which was not viable for the long-term growth and image goals for the store.

After evaluating various solutions, 'La Fabrik du Sud' decided to use the Touchify platform to solve these problems and support the store’s growth.

Feedback from Nina Pouget, Digital Project Manager @LaFabrikDuSud and @MuseFormation

Why did you choose Touchify?

“When we focus on employment and reintegration, we must focus on digital tools and their place in the world of work.”

'La Fabrik du Sud' wanted to be able to tell its story and illustrate its journey to customers in an innovative way, thanks to tailor-made digital content.

“We wanted this to be possible with optimal ergonomics and the easiest and fastest handling possible. Touchify teams have been able to fully meet these needs.

When we are turned towards employment and reintegration we are necessarily turned towards digital tools and their place in the world of work.  It is linked, we work for these causes.

A team composed of a webdesigner, a developer, a graphic designer and myself were trained in the Touchify solution. A short training on two mornings after which we received real support for the installation of the software on our tablets and touch screens.”

Achieving its digitization objectives

As illustrated above, the Fabrik du Sud is a hybrid place. A shop with a committed CSR concept with a design workshop and an insertion and training site. The objectives were therefore mixed. First of all, accompany the commercial discourse, then improve the customer journey in the store and finally train sellers in digital tools.

“Thanks to Touchify and the tailor-made content we have integrated into our digital media, we accompany the commercial discourse in store, our salespeople equipped with touch tablets are familiar with a specific vocabulary and terminology, they are therefore more comfortable with the technical terms of our sector,” explains Nina Pouget.

“Also, the customer journey has been profoundly improved, we needed to go further to present the concept of our project. With the Touchify solution, on a fixed shelf, the customer quickly understands the concept of Fabrik du Sud and the products we offer,” she adds.

And finally, in the context of reintegration through employment, being a school shop, we have the duty to train well and this requires familiarizing learners with the digital tool that is now part of the reality of the labour market. With touchscreen tablets and Touchify software, we are training augmented and connected sellers.”

The benefits of Touchify

“Touchify is an extension of the salesperson.”

Since the installation of Touchify at La Fabrik du Sud a year ago, Nina Pouget tells us that she and her teams have reaped many benefits: 

“It’s a well-made creative tool, simple to understand and very ergonomic because everything is tactile and interactive. This allows us to create innovative content quickly for customers and our sales force. In this way, we benefit from an extension of the identity and brand in situ.”

Another benefit and not the least says Nina: “Sometimes some customers are not comfortable with the commercial discourse and do not want to be disturbed by a salesperson during their shopping experience, fixed touch tablets presenting the concept, products, manufacturing processes, values, etc avoid unwanted intrusion from a seller.

We also particularly appreciate the time saving and the fact that we can synthesize the information we want to disseminate, because unlike a Touchify website comes with a human exchange,” says Nina. “I like to think of Touchify as an extension of the seller and/or salesperson. This brings multi-media information to the seller, a real plus on how we communicate.”

Thank you Nina and La Fabrik du Sud for this testimony.


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