Digital signage for healthcare waiting room

In this post, discover 3 reasons to use digital signage to communicate in your waiting room.

Because it can inform, educate or simply reassure, digital signage is a communication tool that strengthens the link between the medical staff and patients. 

Moreover, according to an Opinion Way study, 75% of patients believe that a screen in the waiting room reinforces their doctor’s advice.

Whether it is for an hospital, a clinic or a medical office, digital signage is an excellent solution to modernize your business waiting room. 

Here’s why you should consider a digital signage software to broadcast healt content:

1 - Inform patients with digital signage

Digital signage provides many useful information:

  • Staff information
  • Registration and patient instructions
  • Clinical guidelines and care protocols
  • Safety instructions
  • Opening hours
  • News about the institute
  • Information on additionnal services

2 - Raising awareness through screen communication

Health facility waiting room is the ideal place to communicate ideas. Your patients will more easily ask questions during the consultation.

Here is a list of topics that you can develop on a digital signage system:

  • Screening
  • Smoking
  • Sports practices
  • Vaccination

3 - Reassure patients while waiting

As a result of increased heart rate and blood pressure, white coat syndrome is still common in waiting rooms in health facilities.

Digital signage is the perfect communication tool to help reduce stress and anxiety, whether for a simple consultation or a larger surgical procedure.

You can communicate via educational videos to explain and reassure, give details about medical procedures...

Digital signage also helps to reduce the feeling of waiting with adapted information. It's the perfect solution to increase patient experience.